ISMA group

Interstellar Medium AStrophysics (ISMA) group
at the IfA-Vienna (PI: Alvaro Hacar)


09/2020: Master Projects at ISMA

The new ISMA group is looking for highly motivated Master students interested in ISM, radioastronomy, and/or ALMA related projects

  • See projects available for WS/2020 (link)

  • Questions? please contact me on alvaro.hacar [at]

09/2020: EMERGE ERC-StG starts at IfA! (website)

  • TEAM members

Alvaro Hacar (group leader)

  • JOBS

  • Visit the EMERGE project website for current job offers (link)

  • The new ISM group at the IfA is willing to host independent researchers working on star formation related studies. If you are a PhD or Postdoc and are planning to apply to any of the European and/or Austrian fellowships, please contact the PI for further information.